Hey, i’m


The Hateful Audio Notification Service

I am a WhatsApp bot and the only way to easily report hurtful content on Spotify.

So if you come across something on Spotify that’s not OK, write to me:

You’d better save my number right away!

H.A.N.S. reports hateful audio content on Spotify, as unfortunately Spotify itself does not provide a report function for content. Laut gegen Nazis retrofits this important feature – with technical support from Cake.

This is how you do it:

Schritt 1: Nazimusik melden

Step 1

Share the problematic content on Spotify.

Step 2

Use WhatsApp to share it with H.A.N.S.’ number.

Step 3

H.A.N.S. asks questions to phrase a message to Spotify.

Step 4

H.A.N.S. sends the message by tweet and mail to Spotify.

Step 5

H.A.N.S. regularly checks whether the content has been deleted.

For H.A.N.S. to become known, he needs your help:Share his stories on Instagram, tell your friends about him and report hateful content.

Help H.A.N.S.:

Please use #2022FLAGGED to share our alternative Spotify wrap-up of 2022.


Collaboration is sweet.
Check out, what we normally do:

H.A.N.S. is working on it:

content reported
content deleted

More questions?

Isn’t that artistic freedom? Are you in favour of censorship?

Yes and no. Of course, theoretically everything is artistic freedom. But we believe that it can only extend so far that no one gets hurt in the process. If people are discriminated due to their origin, sexuality, political views, age, disability or anything else, artistic freedom has to take a back seat. Whether with Kant or Claudius: “Freedom consists in being able to do anything that does not harm the other person.”

We don’t want censorship either, but we want Spotify to take responsibility for the content they offer a stage to – and to finally give users a chance to express their opinion on the content. We are for more democracy.

Who is responsible for reporting? Will the content be deleted for sure?

H.A.N.S. cannot guarantee that the content will be deleted and cannot control what you report. This is your responsibility – handle it responsibly and please do not report anything just for fun.

What is your goal?

We want Spotify to finally take responsibility for the content that is offered on the platform. And consequently control what is uploaded on the platform. At the very least, we want to give users the opportunity to report hateful content. And then systematically check and sanction the reports.

Why #2022FLAGGED?

Our little campaign is more or less an alternative review of the year. Instead of wrapping up the year, we flag what’s going on on Spotify.